Mi Ta Zu Permaculture Farm in Bagan

Mitazu permaculture farm in Bagan
View onto a rice field at Mitazu permaculture farm in Bagan

The challenge many Burmese farmers face is how to sustainably work the land where rainfall is becoming more unpredictable. Many areas are vulnerable to both flooding and drought, even as population is increasing. With families to feed and support with their harvests, few farmers want to risk trying different methods. Mitazu Farm, our permaculture farm in Bagan, is intended to serve as a testing ground and learning space for sustainable organic agriculture in Myanmar.

Organic agriculture is not new in Myanmar. In fact, most Burmese farmers still practice traditional farming methods as their ancestors did. What we do is share modern knowledge and methods, combining these with traditional practices, to create a more sustainable food supply.

Origins of the Farm

Mi Ta Zu, which means “family” in Burmese, remained a seed in search of fertile soil until late 2017 when a local family offered us a piece of unused land attached to their farm just 2 kilometers outside Bagan. We spent several months observing and learning about daily activities on a traditional Burmese farm in the dry zone, to identify opportunities for deeper cooperation and knowledge sharing. After many long evenings of discussion and several small trials, we believe that we are on the right path to combine traditional organic farming methods with our understanding of modern, sustainable agroecology and environmental management practices. 

For more information please visit mitazufarm.org.

Farm Tours in Bagan

Planning a visit to Bagan? Why not take a break from the temples and join us for a village walking tour or Burmese cooking class and visit our farm?