Photography Education in Myanmar

Photography Skills Training for Youth and Tour Guides in Bagan

Photography training for Myanmar youth
Photography training for Myanmar youth

We are using photography for education and as a communications tool in our community projects in Myanmar. Our goal is to offer regular photography workshops for youth in Bagan and eventually put on an exhibition of local works as a fundraising event.

Photography is useful as both for education and as a medium for Myanmar youth to document their country’s democratic transition to democracy and its entry into the global community. While free speech is still limited in Myanmar, photography offers an opportunity for local people to express their values and priorities through a “safe” medium.

Photography for Education

Photography as both art and science can be used to develop the knowledge and vocational skills of young people. This particularly true in Myanmar where many tourists carry expensive gear and photography skills can lead to highly paid work as a photography guide or assistant. We harness the interest and curiosity of young people in Bagan to deliver training in a wide range of themes through photography workshops.

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it. – Ansel Adams

Educational Themes in Photography

Areas where photography can be used as a learning tool, especially for those without much prior formal education:

  • Mathematics (symmetry, shutter speed fractions, aperture and area of a circle, exposure calculations, frame rate)
  • English terminology
  • Science and physics (lenses, light, focal length calculations, refraction, spectrums)
  • Journalism and history (documentary photography, mass-media, current events)
  • Computer, internet, social media (image editing, online platforms, marketing)

What Participants Learn

  • Basics of exposure and camera settings
  • Subject framing and composition
  • Essential social skills to become an effective photographer
  • Build confidence and conquer fear of shooting strangers
  • Develop observational and storytelling skills
  • Learn to see and observe to develop creative personal style and perspective
  • Sharing photographic knowledge and skills with foreign visitors