Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in Bagan

Learn sustainable agriculture + traditional bushcraft skills + mindful living on our organic farm among the majestic temple landscapes of the UNESCO World Heritage site!

Tropical Permaculture Design Course with Certificate at Mitazu Farm

This 12-day immersive experience is both culturally enriching and educational, as we approach sustainable agriculture, mindfulness, intentional communities, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a uniquely Burmese perspective.  Based on the landmark works of Bill Mollison and supplemented with indigenous methods tracing back to the bronze age, this 72-hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is designed to transform participants by providing a foundation for personal growth and development.

We will explore our own inner spaces as we learn and apply in practice the principles of permaculture, working with nature and available resources to transform our landscape and communities towards a sustainable future. 

Permaculture Design Course Highlights

  1. Arrival Day, Welcome to Bagan, What is Permaculture?
  2. Philosophy, Earth Care, Lay of the Land and Farm Tour
  3. Energy, Diversity, Entropy
  4. Elements, Methods, Maps
  5. Landscapes, Growth, Traditions
  6. Light, Fungi, Food Forests
  7. Soils & Fertility, Water Systems
  8. Earth, Resources, Ethics
  9. Climates, Design, Gardens
  10. Nonprofits, Social Enterprise, Intentional Communities (Alternative global nation)
  11. Participant Presentations
  12. Breakfast, Checkout & Goodbyes

Bagan Permaculture Design Course Dates

1-12. October 2020

15-27. November 2020 

1-12. February 2021

1-12. March 2021

1-12. October 2021

15-27. November 2021

Please note that as of June 2020 the above dates are tentative in light of COVID-19 concerns and travel restrictions.

Course Topics

  • Principles and ethics of permaculture design
  • Site analysis and design, from the tropics to temperate regions
  • Landscape master planning and microclimate design
  • Reading the landscape and pattern recognition
  • Design for climate change
  • Regenerative land management and stewardship
  • Water catchment, storage, filtration, and distribution
  • Biologically based treatment of greywater and blackwater
  • Using greywater in the landscape
  • Natural building techniques and vernacular architecture
  • Plant propagation and grafting
  • Organic horticulture
  • Medicinal plant propagation, usage, and preparations
  • Biointensive gardening and seed saving
  • Soil rehabilitation and fertility approaches
  • Orchard design and maintenance
  • Renewable energies
  • Local and regenerative economics
  • Urban and suburban permaculture tactics
  • Ecovillage design and community building procedures
  • Strategies for creating an alternative nation

Learn Practical Permaculture Skills

  • Make and use biochar 
  • Design a mandala garden
  • Build a banana or papaya circle
  • Building hot and cold compost systems
  • Blade and knife sharpening.
  • Land clearing with scythe or machete.
  • Plant identification.
  • Food forest fundamentals.
  • Small-scale kitchen garden design & techniques
  • Tree planting fundamentals, support species, and broad-scale fertility management.
  • Plant propagation fundamentals, including propagation and planting of seeds, rhizomes, cuttings as well as various forms of grafting.
  • Nursery management including making an in-house potting soil.
  • Soil pH testing and techniques to balance pH.
  • Leveling for application of swales, hedgerows, and techniques for finding key points and key lines.
  • Bush knowledge, handmade tools

What to bring

  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Camera or smartphone
  • Work clothes


$1450USD per person, minimum 4 participants.
Includes PDC course, accommodation, transport to/from course & activity sites, meals as indicated.

Additional Information

Minimum group size: 4 participants
Tours operated by Myanmar SEEDS in cooperation with Three Treasures Responsible Tourism. Tours are offered on a nonprofit basis, with tour income supporting our development projects.

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    The activities themselves were well organised, excellent equipment, with every little detail thought of and considered – plus wonderful food! Nothing was too much effort.

    Cathryn, UK/Hong Kong (via Tripadvisor)