Bagan Walking Tour

Visit our farm in Bagan!
Visit our farm in Bagan!

Traditional Burmese Village Experience

Experience what its like to grow your own food, live close to nature, with your hands in the earth on our Bagan farm tour. Enjoy a farm-to-table lunch, a tour of Mi Ta Zu Farm outside Bagan and join in the farm’s everyday activities. These might include: making compost, planting, raising seeds, harvesting, cooking, building and more.

Bagan Organic Farm Tour

Once in the village, we will spend most of our time on foot, visiting our neighbors in their workshops and on their farms. This one day experience is somewhere in-between a curated workshop, where we will be available for answering detailed questions and a normal afternoon on the farm with lots of physical activity and hands-on farming (if you want) to give you a taste of life on the farm.

Discover the Unique Villages and People of Bagan

This Bagan walking tour provides an intimate look into the amazing lives of local people, their culture, and communities that make Myanmar such a unique place to visit.

On this Bagan villages tour, we’ll spend most of our day on foot, experiencing the sights and sounds of rural village life. Learn traditional organic farming practices and take a ride on an ox-cart through sandy village paths rarely visited by outsiders. Learn from Burmese artisans crafting their bamboo wares, working with local fabrics, and bringing temple murals to life through sand paintings.

Bagan Walking Tour Highlights

  • Combines Bagan temples at sunrise with a village walking tour and cooking class
  • Discover traditional ways of life as we walk through a local village, chat to locals and hear about their ways of life
  • Get a hands-on lesson in Burmese cuisine, with tips and tricks you can take back home with you
  • Indulge in a made-by-you three-course meal, alongside a refreshing local welcome drink, served up in a tropical permaculture garden
  • Learn about Myanmar culinary culture and discover authentic local ingredients


  • Pickup from your hotel 30 mins before sunrise
  • Sunrise temple viewing from less-crowded area of Bagan
  • Outdoor breakfast at our “home pagoda” within the monument zone. Meet the local caretakers supported by your tour
  • Transfer to local farming village by taxi
  • Walking tour of local village, chat with locals and learn about their traditional ways of life
  • Explore our organic permaculture farm
  • Burmese slow-food cooking class and lunch
  • Return to your hotel by taxi around 1pm


$99USD per person, minimum 4.

Additional Information

Minimum group size: 4 participants
Tours operated by Myanmar SEEDS in cooperation with Three Treasures Responsible Tourism. Tours are offered on a nonprofit basis, with tour income supporting our development projects.

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